When will I receive my order?
Your order will be sent within 5-7 working days after the payment (excluding weekends and holidays). If the shipping term is different from this, it will be indicated in the productinformation. To ensure that your order will be neatly deliverd we work together with POST NL. This makes it possible to trace your order so you can see exactly where the package is located from the time it leaves our warehouse. We can not guarantee a exact date or time the package will be delivered. Always make sure that there is someone present at the delivery address. Depending on the country where your package is sent to processing times can vary. For more information, see the website of the carrier. Orders that are shipped outside the Netherlands can be subject in the country of destination to customs or import fees. The recipient of the shipment is the importer in the country and therefore responsible for all import duties.

Shipping Costs POST NL:
Austria € 8,75
Belgium € 7,25
Bulgaria € 15,50
Croatia € 14,00
Czech Republic € 14,00
Denmark € 8,25
Estonia € 14,00
Finland € 16,00
France € 9,50
Germany € 7,25
Hungary € 13,50
Ireland € 12,00
Italy € 11,95
Latvia € 14,00
Lithuania € 14,00
Luxemburg € 8,75
The Netherlands € 6,95
Poland € 14,00
Portugal € 15,50
Romania € 14,00
Slovakia € 14,00
Slovenia € 14,00
Spain € 14,50
Sweden € 14,50
Britain € 9,50

Can I change the delivery address?
After your order is placed you can no longer change the delivery address. Always think carefully about the delivery address that you choose.

Can I pick up my order?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. Because we send large numbers of packages from different warehouses every day, we can not make exceptions.

My track & trace code does not work. How can I track my package now?
When you receive a track & trace code by mail it can still take until the evening before the tracking is working. When the track & trace code still doesn’t work the next day you can always contact us via the contact form or check the website of the carrier for more information.

As a rule, we maintain lead times of packages that do not deviate. However, in some cases this lead times do vary. This is the case when:
-a Track & trace has been created but the package has not yet left the expedition because of control
-a Track & trace has been created but your order information contains the wrong address
-a Track & trace has been created but the package has not yet been read by POST NL

In all cases, the Track & trace will be active within a few days.
What happens to my order when the package is returned to your warehouse?

When the package after multiple attemps cannot be delivered and you have not responded to the message of the tranporter then the package is returned to our warehouse. We are unfortunately forced to cancel the order and refund the purchase price. It is possible to send the package again, only you are required to comply with the shipping costs again.