About us

10OFFICIAL is the new clothing brand in Urban Fashion and is inspired by the shirt number 10. A number that is supported by the world's best football players. 10OFFICIAL was launched in 2015 and in a creative process has become a strong brand that represents the Urban Fashion! 10OFFICIAL consists of a team of enthusiastic people, they do everything step by step and are convinced of their own ideas and future opportunities. The whole concept of 10OFFICIAL is developed in collaboration with the right contacts within a given network and together with our team converted to creative implementation.

10OFFICIAL introduces a new Urban style which is pleasant to wear and above all has a tough look. The unique clothing line is made in a men's, women's and children's collection and consists trendy T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, vests and caps. The 10OFFICIAL accessories such as bags and phone cases, represent our Urban Fashion Style and they are absolute favorites!

The materials we have selected consisted unique features and the quality of the fabric is of great importance to us. The look of our Urban style shows that 10OFFICIAL makes a statement and that we create a unique image on the street that is instantly recognizable. We work with a small group of reliable suppliers who share our passion to create a strong product. We cannot make a strong brand by ourself, together with people who can exercise in a safe healthy work environment and have love and passion for the job we can create our Urban brand. The effort of all people behind the brand is showing that 10OFFICIAL contributes to solidarity, sustainability and originality. Which is also emitted by each product of 10OFFICIAL. Our tough Urban style is instantly recognizable and the number 10 in the fashion industry shows that simplicity does not have to be complicated.